Whether you are looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality DNA products or require assistance in getting your genetic payload efficiently delivered to the target cells, 4basebio has the technologies, expertise and capabilities to assist you with your therapy development plans. Please contact us at for any questions around our service offering.

Payload production

4basebio offers a highly effective, scalable, fast and bacterial free manufacturing process for the production of high-performance linear closed DNA (hpDNATM). The main benefits of hpDNATM are:

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  • Absence of bacterial backbone, more genome copies per gram of DNA
  • Lack of antibiotic resistance genes 
  • No bacterial contaminants (host protein, genomic DNA, endotoxins, …) 
  • Enhanced in vivo stability 
  • Better and prolonged transgene expression 
  • Cost-effective and fast turn around

4basebio also offers a mRNA production service from the DNA template we make. Whether you require just a few micrograms or several tens of grams 4basebio can provide you with a high-quality product with fast turnaround times.

Non-viral nanoparticle design and optimisation

For established payloads 4basebio offers the development of a payload specific HermesTM nanoparticle to enable efficient and safe deliver of the payload to the target organ, tissue or cell type. The main benefits of HermesTM nanoparticles are:

  • Suitable for protein, RNA and DNA 
  • Unlimited packaging capacity – delivery of large genes
  • Non-immunogenic, repeat dosing possible
  • Low toxicity 
  • Ability to target specific cells or tissues 
  • Excellent transfection capabilities 
  • Enhanced payload delivery to cytoplasm and nucleus 
  • Excellent safety profile as compared to viral delivery (low risk of insertional mutagenesis)
  • Low cost of production as compared to viral vectors 
  • Scalable manufacturing process 

We take a phased approached to nanoparticle design and will optimise the particle’s size and zeta potential to create a stable nanoparticle. Depending on which cell type is being targeted or on the preferred mode of administration, we can include different elements into the particle design to enhance cell specificity and in vivo pharmacokinetics. Finally, 4basebio can validate particles both in vitro and in vivo to demonstrate the effective and safe delivery of the payload to the target tissue.

Non Viral Delivery Wo Legend

HTvivoTM: Multiplexed in vivo vector validation

  • Multiplexed in vivo analysis of different DNA constructs and or NP formulations
  • Avoid in vitroin vivo correlation disparity
  • Fast biodistribution and toxicity assessment

To circumvent the often-poor correlation between in vitro and in vivo data sets our approach is to move to in vivo validation sooner rather than later. Incorporation of DNA barcodes directly into our hpDNA payloads allows for simultaneous screening of a variety of molecular biology elements within the payloads as well as different elements used in the construction of the nanoparticles. This approach not only speeds up the development of the vectors but also enables early selection of candidates with the strongest in vivo performance for deployment into clinical trials.

CMC and Regulatory

4basebio understands that progressing a vector into a clinical trial is a complex task subject as it needs to comply with the highest quality control and assurance criteria. We provide our expertise and assistance in bringing together the CMC for specific vectors as well as the regulatory requirements surrounding vector manufacturing and validation.


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