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following our recent corporate transaction

For more information on the Company, Technology and Investor Relations & News, please follow the link and visit: investors.4basebio.com

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4basebio aims to become a leading supplier of next generation DNA for use in gene therapies and DNA vaccines

Having proven our synthetic DNA technology in the laboratory, we are now focused on validating and scaling this to commercial levels

Synthetic linear closed DNA has clear safety and efficiency benefits over prevailing plasmid DNA

In addition, we believe we can demonstrate clear application benefits over plasmid DNA, especially in non-viral vectors used to deliver the DNA to patients

4basebio aims to partner with developers of delivery systems, therapies and vaccines; and continue our buy and build strategy

4basebio is well placed to co-invest, where appropriate, in exciting delivery platforms or gene therapies

We continue to consider complementary acquisitions across the DNA workflow

For further information on partnering, please contact partnering@4basebio.com