Our focus is the development of high quality, GMP grade synthetic DNA as well as non-viral nanoparticles which can efficiently and safely deliver fully functional genes to patients. Our ambition is to develop a pipeline of novel therapies. These products and technologies are also available for customers and partners with whom we endeavor to combine our capabilities and know-how to develop gene therapy solutions for clinical development and commercialisation.


4basebio’s innovative technologies place it at the forefront of synthetic DNA manufacturing and delivery routes for application in gene therapy and DNA vaccines.

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4basebio offers a wide range of services including production of synthetic DNA and RNA payloads, design and assembly of payloads in nanoparticles, in vitro and in vivo validation of payloads and delivery efficiency and support with CMC and regulatory requirements.

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4basebio offers innovative solutions to a highly dynamic and fast-growing market: A continuously increasing number of gene therapies are under development worldwide, resulting in an ever-increasing demand for pharmaceutical grade DNA and appropriate gene therapy delivery technologies.

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