4basebio UK Societas consists of all operational business units previously held by 4basebio AG (Germany).

The company is planning to list on the AIM stock exchange in London in January 2021.

4basebio AG currently holds 30% of the issued share capital in 4basebio UK Societas, with 70% of the shares held by individual investors.

Investment case

  • 4basebio is developing next generation gene therapy manufacture and delivery technologies by offering new and innovative non-viral gene therapy delivery platforms that can efficiently deliver large gene therapeutic payloads into the patient’s cells
  • Developing a highly efficient and scalable manufacturing process for its proprietary synthetic hpDNATM for use in gene therapies and DNA vaccines
  • Manufacture and sale of large quantities of pharmaceutical grade DNA

Market opportunities

A continuously increasing number of gene therapies are under development and are being approved and marketed for use in patients, resulting in an ever-increasing demand for pharmaceutical grade DNA. Our DNA has clear safety, efficacy and cost benefits over current plasmid DNA.

The conventional bacterial-based DNA production methods offer poor yields and are held back due to complex purification processes. The final product is therefore expensive, with processes difficult and costly to scale.

hpDNATM from 4basebio contains only the human DNA of interest and is uncontaminated by bacterial DNA. Therefore, it is non-immunogenic and free from antibiotic resistant genes.

Gene therapy delivery system

Non Viral
  • Design, validation and manufacture of novel delivery methods incorporating hpDNA. 
  • Advance preclinical and clinical validation for medically relevant genes of interest
  • supplying hpDNA into established virus manufacturing processes

The limitations of current gene therapy delivery systems (mostly viral-based methods) illustrate the need for new non-viral gene delivery platforms. HermesTM nanoparticles can be combined and optimised with 4basebio’s hpDNATM. Third party genes of interest can be used in such a combined therapeutic agent and delivery system to develop new gene therapies for external customers. 4basebio will also independently explore promising new gene therapy candidates through discovery and early clinical stage.